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Our goal is to provide data-based research that best supports sustainable agriculture and food science practices directly to beginner farmers and consumers. 


Our research mission is to conduct rigorous research designed to help us uncover the most effective, efficient, and regenerative farming practices. Our intent is to share our proven research with farmers, communities, and consumers worldwide, so that our research acts as a catalyst for change in food systems around the globe. 


Our research locations include SR1’s Research, Education and Development Center in Forest, MS (Scott County) and in Canton, MS (Madison County), the heart of Central Mississippi where fertile soil and temperate climate affords year-round farming and food science practices.

Research Areas of Focus


Organic Growing

Supporting farmers by investigating organic agriculture practices to increase production and profit and aid in theirtransition from conventional to organic methods. 


Food Insecurity

Providing culturally significant alternatives for consumers to increase fresh and whole food consumption by growing nutrient-dense foods. 


Food Equity

Enhancing communities by increasing knowledge of and access to healthy, local food systems and opportunities to grow and consume economical and culturally significant foods.

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