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SR1 is passionate about equipping consumers with the knowledge, skills, and resources to expand sustainable organic agriculture that combats food insecurity and promotes food equity. 

SR1’s Agriculture and Food Science Department’s agriculture educational programs provide real-world applications of agriculture and other STEM concepts to the next generation of STEM leaders. 


SR1 offers innovative and creative education programs for learners at all levels. We invest in building interactive learning resources and sharing tools to support consumer success in organic agriculture. 

Webinars, workshops, resources: Coming soon!

Educational Areas of Focus


K-12 Education

Our agriculture and STEM education programs help agriculture come alive in the classroom and get the next generation excited about agriculture-based career pathways. 


Learning By Doing

All of our Educational programs are exciting and taught in a learn by doing style. 


Consumer Education

SR1 offers consumers opportunities to engage and learn about various agriculture topics such as organic practices, land management, plant medicine, cooking and preserving foods, and more. 

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