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September 27 - C.O.O.L.™ Farming course to be hosted by Felicia Bell!

SR1 will be kicking off our C.O.O.L.™ Farming courses on Tuesday, September 27th. The topic of this course will be on the Introduction and History of Organic Farming with special guest Felicia Bell. Learn more about her below!

Bell, a fourth-generation farmer and founding member of RD&S Farm, LLC, is fascinated by traditional agriculture strategies of all cultures, especially African farming methods and techniques. She was born into agriculture, and what most people today would refer to as homesteading. Her family sustained themselves from the land with food and by-products.

Bell's deep-rooted values in helping others as a producer have been the driving force in her assisting communities. Over many years, she has learned several appropriate technologies (i.e., methods and practices) to assist small-scale producers with resourceful and inexpensive solutions to lessen cost burdens and increase the viability of farm enterprises.

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